OBJECTIVE:  To grow high quality, low yield Pinot Noir grapes for the production of wines that speak to this site.

Appellation: Sonoma Coast  
Varieties: Pinot Noir ( 1.8 acres ). Planted in 1992, first commercial vintage in 1995.  
Rootstocks: 5C ( Medium Vigor, Phylloxera resistant, Low Drought Tolerance) SO4 (Medium Vigor, Phylloxera resistant, Low Drought Tolerance)  
Clones: Martini 13 and 15 (FPMS 13 and 15 Respectively) Replants of Pommard and Wadenswil  

Alluvial fans of Goldridge Loam over fractured sandstone. Minor variability of soil depths and drainage. Topography is slightly sloping (3% to 5%) with a Westerly exposure.

Climate: Region I. Some threat of frost (no frost protection installed).  Warm summer days with cool overnight temperatures and morning fog (10:00 to 11:00 am burn off). Consistent afternoon breezes from the  West / Southwest. Annual Rainfall averages 36”.  
Average TPA: 2.4  
Average lbs./vine: 5.16  
Average Brix @ Harvest: 24.2 (some raisining will elevate tank levels).  
Harvest: Late September in an average year.  

Viticultural  Detail:

  • Vertically Shoot Positioned
  • 6’ x 8’ Spacing 
  • 30% oriented North/South, 70% East/West
  • Cane pruned to two shoots and two renewal spurs (20 to 26 buds)
  • Bud break mid-March; bloom from late May to mid-June
  • Shoot positioned and hedged when necessary
  • Mildew control consists of a rotation of sulfur, sterol inhibitors, and strobilurins when mildew pressure persists (average 14 to 21 day cycle). No sulfur applied after mid July
  • Drip irrigation (minimal since 2002)
  • Fertigation system for macronutrients
  • Foliar application for micronutrients
  • Netted to prevent bird loss
  • Failla Wines crafts an elegant Pinot Noir from Pearlessence fruit, www.faillawines.com
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